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Doris Moraschi


Auditor | Tax consultant | CISA | Business graduate

Doris Moraschi


Mrs. Moraschi (pronounced: mo’raski), there are plenty of tax consultants. What makes you different?

The advice I provide! I can recognise interrelationships that others overlook. My clients tell us where they want to go, and we come up with a tailored solution to get them there. 

Like a kind of taxi driver?

You could put it like that, yes. In this process we always keep the clients' needs in mind, treating them as individuals both in terms of their business and as people. And then we work together to find the limit of what is legally possible, without overstepping it.

What do you like best about your profession?

In both auditing and tax consulting I enjoy the processes involved. Clients often have no clear awareness of the risk structure of their company, particularly with regard to the digital transformation. I find it hugely enjoyable to work out these individual situations in talks with the clients, find the ideal solution for them and in the process build a lasting human relationship.

How would you complete this sentence: taxes are …

… part of an investment chain.

What’s the biggest compliment you’ve ever been given?

Two come to mind: “Now I can sleep peacefully again” is one. It's so nice when you get to help someone. The other was when a client said: “Moraschi’s the fairest business partner you’ll ever meet.”


Doris Moraschi

is a partner and director of bmi auditax GmbH. She holds professional licences as a tax consultant (1997), public auditor (2000) and CISA Certified Information Systems Auditor (2018).

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