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Matthias Erik Vock

MBA (HSG) | Certified Tax Expert | Master of Law

Mr Vock, you are a consultant and a lecturer: How do consulting and teaching complement each other?

Teaching tax law to students forces me to keep up to date with the latest developments and decisions within tax law. Naturally, my work as a consultant also benefits from keeping my technical knowledge fresh. It is also possible that my students are unable to grasp my technical explanations due to their complexity, so I am frequently forced to frame the intricate details in clear and simple terms. Of course this helps me to communicate with my clients as well.  

What are the main focuses of your work as a counsel?

My focus is on international tax law, which is mainly concerned with matters involving several countries. Naturally, I mainly concentrate on tax law in Switzerland.

In 2017, the Swiss TV show Kassensturz uncovered deplorable standards among trustees and tax advisors; only those who had obtained federal certification actually did good work. What is the big difference?

In Germany “Steuerberater” or tax advisor is a protected profession, but anyone can use the title in Switzerland. “Tax experts”, on the other hand, complete an in-service course with a federal examination to acquire sound technical knowledge of tax law. Of course, it needs to be kept up to date by attending regular further training, as your expertise will otherwise quickly become obsolete.

Who says “thank you for taking this off my hands?”

The tax authorities! (laughs) All jokes aside, satisfied clients say it when we do good work on their behalf.

How would you complete this sentence: “When clients come to me for advice, then ...?”

... they can expect to receive genuine expertise.


Matthias Erik Vock

is a partner with Tax Advisors & Associates Switzerland AG. Holder of an MBA (1995), he obtained a diploma as a Certified Tax Expert (2000) and completed a Master of Law for International Tax Law (2009). He passes on his compact knowledge in international tax law to students at HWZ Zurich University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration and the Kalaidos University of Applied Sciences Switzerland in Zurich.

Sergio Tarantino

Trustee | Bachelor of Business Studies and Administration

Mr Tarantino, what is your view of the digital transformation within the fiduciary and tax consulting industry?

The digital transformation will not come all in one go, but as a gradual change in practices. Clients are already enquiring, especially younger ones who are used to the technology. It will require a system of managing processes electronically – and it is certainly better to be able to offer this now than to play catch-up some time in the future.

What are the main focuses of your work as a counsel?

Accountancy and all other financial issues, also international questions of social security law.

What sets you apart as a counsel?

Consultancy is like fine wine – it gets better the longer we know our clients. We also toss ideas around as a team – so with bmi auditax – because we know Doris Moraschi very well and are familiar with what her clients are up to. Aside from discussing the technical aspects, this helps us to see things from our clients’ perspectives. These nuances really count.

How would you complete this sentence: “When clients come to me for advice, then ...?”

... they know I will look after them. I am a sparring partner who carries responsibility as soon as I accept the mandate.

Three things that characterise you?

Without wanting to sound biblical, I do not make a predefined image of my clients. Instead I am concerned to view them and their circumstances from a neutral viewpoint. Communication as well, because I try to understand the other person’s circumstances in order to get that little bit more out of any situation. I feel drawn to that approach, far more than just business as usual.


Sergio Tarantino

is the owner and managing director of Tarantino Treuhand AG. After a business apprenticeship, he completed a course as a trustee and then sat the diploma examination in business administration.

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