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International consulting

The globalisation of the economy affects not only large corporations but increasingly also medium-sized companies which operate across the borders. International issues occur in many areas – in reporting and auditing just as with fiscal and legal matters.

In-depth advice and support, detailed knowledge of the relevant national legislation, experience and capable local partners are required.

Our company is an independent member of the association Morison KSi based in London, United Kingdom.

Morison KSi – a multinational association of auditors and tax consultants from all over the
world – was created in order to offer highly qualified local advice on all fiscal, commercial and business matters across national borders. 

At present 157 companies are members in 82 countries worldwide.

All the members of Morison KSi vouch for a top level of professionalism. At regular conferences, the members' common understanding of the needs of international customers is continuously renewed. 

As a member of Morison KSi, we offer our services at an international level in all fields of auditing, fiscal and financial planning and business consulting. The members are capable of solving national and international tasks quickly and competently. 

We will be happy to help you select the suitable local partner and implement your plans.